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Cape Verde sunindex: the best time to travel to Cape Verde
Cape Verde is an island group in the Atlantic Ocean which consists of 10 islands off the coast of Africa. Cape Verde consists of the windward or Barlavento islands of Santo Antão, São Vicente, Santa Lucia, São Nicolau, Sal, Boavista and the leeward or Sotavento islands of Maio, Santiago, Frogo and Brava. The capital Praia is located on Santiago. Here all international flights land as well. From here you can take a domestic flight or a boat to one of the other islands. Most islands consist of volcanic rock and volcanoes. Because of these volcanoes several beaches consist of pitch black sand. Almost all coastal places on Cape Verde are suitable as a winter sun destination and get a sufficient amount of hours of sunshine for a beach holiday. During the winter precipitation figures are low and long lasting showers are uncommon. The only disadvantage during the winter is that the seas are rougher making it harder to go snorkeling. During the winter a Harmattan wind blows. This type of wind supplies dry and dusty air and strongly influences the climate. However, during the hottest part of the day this wind offers some cooling. The most popular islands among tourists are: São Vicente, Boa Vista and Santiago. Here you can find large hotels.
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Cape Verde climate & weather
Do you want to know all about the climate in Cape Verde? Learn about the temperatures, the number of sunny hours, chance of frost, chance of hurricanes, chance of rain and precipitation averages at the awarded climate and weather site:
the climate of Cape Verde


Sunny holidays in Cape Verde
Based on long term average figures, the weather of the past few years and extremes that have been recorded where temperatures, precipitation figures and storms are concerned we are able to give an indication as to the suitability of this particular location as a summer weather destination.

The figures below are an average for Cape Verde. Please, note that local deviations may occur.

 The weather in Cape Verde
(in °C)
(in °C)
hours of
per day
sea water
(in °C)
time to travel
here for a
sunny holiday?
chance of
rain /
chance of
Explanation of symbols
January 24 19 7 23     - more sunny symbols = better summer weather (maximum of 5)
- red sunny symbols = high chances of hot or muggy weather

= chances of precipitation
 (0 - 4, higher number of cloudy symbols, higher chance of precipitation)

= the risk of tropical storms
(0 - 3, higher number of symbols, higher risk)
February 24 19 8 23    
March 25 18 9 23    
April 25 19 10 23    
May 25 20 10 23    
June 26 21 9 24  
July 27 22 7 26  
August 28 23 6 27  
September 29 24 7 27  
October 28 23 8 26  
November 27 22 8 25      
December 26 20 7 24      
The weather in Cape Verde
Cape Verde has a tropical savannah climate with pleasant temperatures all year round. Ever blowing sea breeze offers some cooling, especially during the winter. However, the Harmattan wind may supply a lot of dust and sand from the Sahara. During the night temperatures may be lower. However, temperatures far below 20 degrees Celsius (68.0 degrees Fahrenheit) are uncommon. There is hardly any risk of a tropical storm or hurricane. So-called Cape Verde-type hurricanes may form west of Cape Verde but hardly ever make landfall.
Cape Verde climate information

Popular destinations in Cape Verde
Besides the capital Praia on Santiago Tarrafal and Pedra Badejo are popular destinations. On the island of Sal most people stay in the tourist resort Santa Maria and to a lesser degree in Murdeira and Espargos. Sal Rei is the most popular place on Boa Vista. On São Vicente Mindelo and São Pedro are suitable as a winter sun destination. Along the coast of most islands several small villages with small hotels and hostels can be found. These are often managed by the locals.

Trivia & strange facts
- Because of a shortage of fresh water most pools are filled with salt water.
- The highest point of Cape Verde is Mount Fogo on the island of Fogo and has an altitude of
  2,829 meters. This active volcano erupted in the 1990s.
- Tap water is undrinkable. However, some hotel managers may state it is drinkable.
- The carnival in Mindero is one of the biggest and most colorful festivals on Cape Verde.
- Santo Antão can only be reached from the harbor in Ponto Novo
- Sea turtles lay their eggs on the beaches of Santa Maria on the island of Sal.
- Debit cards are not accepted everywhere. Be sure you have enough cash
- Credit cards are not accepted everywhere. You have the biggest chance with a Visa card.
- internet cafes can be found in most large places. However, most hotels offer internet as well.
- There is no live stock on Cape Verde. Because of this meat is seen as a luxury item.

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