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The Federated States of Micronesia is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean and is situated in the Micronesia region. Micronesia is divided into four federated states which all have their own constitution, parliament, government and flag. The four states are: Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae. All of these states also have their own international airport. The states of Yap, Chuuk and Pohnpei were part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands from 1945 till 1986. This Trust Territory was a mandated territory of the United States of America. Divided over four federated states Micronesia consists of 607 islands, 294 of which are part of Chuuk. The largest part of the islands is uninhabited. The inhabited islands are mainly inhabited by small communities of no more than 500 people. Palikir is the capital of the federal states. However, Weno is the largest city of the federal states with a population figure of almost 20,000. Although Micronesia is becoming increasingly popular among tourists the main sources of income here are still agriculture and fishery. Mainly bananas, cassavas, coconuts and pepper are cultivated here. On some of the islands the main source of income is pearl fishing. Micronesia is an idyllic winter sun destination with snowy white beaches and large palm trees that offer some shade. The ocean is pleasantly warm and very suitable for diving. Off the coast of several islands ship wrecks can be found. The islands are also very popular among anglers. You can fish for swordfish, tuna and perches
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Micronesia climate & weather
Do you want to know all about the climate in Micronesia? Learn about the temperatures, the number of sunny hours, chance of frost, chance of hurricanes, chance of rain and precipitation averages at the awarded climate and weather site:
the climate of Micronesia


Sunny holidays in Micronesia
Based on long term average figures, the weather of the past few years and extremes that have been recorded where temperatures, precipitation figures and storms are concerned we are able to give an indication as to the suitability of this particular location as a summer weather destination.

The figures below are an average for Micronesia. Please, note that local deviations may occur.

 The weather in Micronesia
(in C
(in C
hours of
per day
sea water
(in C
time to travel
here for a
sunny holiday?
chance of
rain /
chance of
Explanation of symbols
January 30 / 86 24 / 75 5 28 / 82   - more sunny symbols = better summer weather (maximum of 5)
- red sunny symbols = high chances of hot or muggy weather

= chances of precipitation
 (0 - 4, higher number of cloudy symbols, higher chance of precipitation)

= the risk of tropical storms
(0 - 3, higher number of symbols, higher risk)
February 30 / 86 24 / 75 5 28 / 82  
March 30 / 86 24 / 75 6 28 / 82  
April 30 / 86 23 / 73 6 29 / 84  
May 30 / 86 23 / 73 5 29 / 84  
June 30 / 86 23 / 73 5 29 / 84
July 30 / 86 22 / 72 5 29 / 84
August 31 / 88 22 / 72 6 29 / 84
September 31 / 88 22 / 72 6 29 / 84
October 31 / 88 22 / 72 5 29 / 84
November 31 / 88 22/ 72 5 29 / 84  
December 30 / 86 23 / 73 5 29 / 84  
The weather in Micronesia
Micronesia has a tropical rainforest climate and is among the wettest countries in the world. Some regions can record up to 8,000 millimeters of annual precipitation. However, most areas get 4,000 millimeters of annual precipitation. During the local summer temperatures are around 30 degrees Celsius (86.0 degrees Fahrenheit. The ever blowing trade winds offer some cooling during the hottest days of the year. During the second part of the year there is a risk of tropical storms and hurricanes. During the local summer the temperature of the ocean is very pleasant and very suitable for swimming. Deviations in weather data may occur on some islands and atolls in the southern and northern part of the country.
Micronesia climate information

Popular destinations in Micronesia
Throughout the federal states several sun destinations can be found. Colonia, which is the capital of Yap is probably the most popular winter sun destination. Tofol on Kosrae is also fairly popular. The capital for the whole area, Palikir, is often used as a gateway to the smaller islands.

Useful facts & tips
- Until the end of the 19th century the currency on Rai were stones which sometimes were 3
  meters across.
- Tap water is undrinkable
- Not many ATMs can be found here. Credit cards are not accepted everywhere.
- The highest point of the country is Mount Totolom with an altitude of 791 meters.
- the many lagoons that can be found here are inhabited by sea turtles.
- On arrival your passport has to be valid for at least six months

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