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Singapore sunindex: the best time to travel to Singapore
Singapore temperatures hardly ever drop below 24 degrees Celsius (75.2 degrees Fahrenheit) and it hardly ever gets warmer than 34 degrees Celsius (93.2 degrees Fahrenheit). This makes this city state very suitable as a sun destination all year round. Singapore is not really known as a sun and beach destination but more as a connection point for flights to Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Singapore is known as a shopping paradise and is an excellent place for those who like the Asian cuisine. However, because of the warm climate and the presence of excellent hotels Singapore is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy a sun holiday. The city itself offers only few beaches. The most beautiful beaches and hotels can be found on artificial islands that were constructed with Australian sand. The diversity and contrasts make Singapore very interesting. Colonial buildings with modern buildings in the background, food markets with food from all over Asia, expensive shopping malls next to old temples and of course the beautiful scenery. This means that if you do not want to spend your entire holiday on the beach or along the pool Singapore is also an ideal destination.
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Singapore climate & weather
Do you want to know all about the climate in Singapore? Learn about the temperatures, the number of sunny hours, chance of frost, chance of hurricanes, chance of rain and precipitation averages at the awarded climate and weather site:
the climate of Singapore


Sunny holidays in Singapore
Based on long term average figures, the weather of the past few years and extremes that have been recorded where temperatures, precipitation figures and storms are concerned we are able to give an indication as to the suitability of this particular location as a summer weather destination.

The figures below are an average for Singapore. Please, note that local deviations may occur.

 The weather in Singapore
(in C)
(in C)
hours of
per day
sea water
(in C)
time to travel
here for a
sunny holiday?
chance of
rain /
chance of
Explanation of symbols
January 30 25 5 27   - more sunny symbols = better summer weather (maximum of 5)
- red sunny symbols = high chances of hot or muggy weather

= chances of precipitation
 (0 - 4, higher number of cloudy symbols, higher chance of precipitation)

= the risk of tropical storms
(0 - 3, higher number of symbols, higher risk)
February 31 25 6 27  
March 31 24 6 28  
April 31 25 6 28  
May 31 25 6 29  
June 31 25 7 29  
July 31 26 7 29  
August 30 25 6 29  
September 30 25 6 29  
October 30 25 6 29  
November 29 25 5 28    
December 30 25 5 27    
The weather in Singapore
In terms of weather the best traveling period is from March till October. Chances of precipitation are lowest then. The rainy season is from November till February. During this period chances of precipitation are higher and entire rainy days may occur.
Singapore climate information

Popular destinations in Singapore
Real holiday resorts can be found on Sentosa Island, south of Singapore. The hotels in the vicinity of the marina and along the Singapore River are very popular among tourists. Although these hotels are not situated along the beach they often have beautiful swimming pools.

Trivia & strange facts
- Singapore is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.
- High penalties are given for smoking outside the designated areas, littering and crossing the
  street when the lights are red.
- The view from the 71st floor of the Stamford hotel is breathtaking
- Traveling by subway (MTR) is very cheap
- We advise you to bring an umbrella, showers may seem to come out of nowhere.
- Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world. Even during the night you can walk the streets
  without any problems.
- The number of bugs is very small for a tropical destination.
- In several places in the city top brand fashion stores can be found.
- The Singapore Flyer is a large Ferris wheel in the Marina district. From closed cabins you have a
  beautiful view of the city.
- If you bring more than one (opened) packet of cigarettes you will have to pay taxes on arrival for
  every packet you brought.
- The death penalty is given when you import, use or posses drugs, no matter the amount.
- Tipping is not usual in Singapore

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