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Tanzania was formed during the second part of the last century when the island of Zanzibar merged with Tanganyika. Prior to this period it was under Portuguese rule. Later on it became a German colony after which it became a British protectorate. Then it became the federal republic of Tanzania together with Zanzibar and Pemba.

The capital used to be Dar es Salaam, nowadays Dodoma is the capital of Tanzania. One of the main attractions is the Serengeti, which means endless plains. This plain is home to hundreds of thousands of herbivores that migrate annually from the western part of the Serengeti to the eastern part and back in search of food. During the migration the wildebeest, zebras and gazelles have to overcome several dangers such as the crossing of the Kirawira river and the Grumeti River. The Ngorongoro crater is also situated in the Serengeti; this is seen as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa with an altitude of 5,895 meters. After you have enjoyed the beautiful scenery it is very nice to slumber on one of the white beaches in the east or on Zanzibar or Pemba. Tanzania is an ideal winter sun destination.

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Tanzania climate & weather
Do you want to know all about the climate in Tanzania? Learn about the temperatures, the number of sunny hours, chance of frost, chance of hurricanes, chance of rain and precipitation averages at the awarded climate and weather site:
the climate of Tanzania


Sunny holidays in Tanzania
Based on long term average figures, the weather of the past few years and extremes that have been recorded where temperatures, precipitation figures and storms are concerned we are able to give an indication as to the suitability of this particular location as a summer weather destination.

The figures below are an average for Tanzania. Please, note that local deviations may occur.

 The weather in Tanzania
(in C)
(in C)
hours of
per day
sea water
(in C)
time to travel
here for a
sunny holiday?
chance of
rain /
chance of
Explanation of symbols
January 28 17 7 n/a   - more sunny symbols = better summer weather (maximum of 5)
- red sunny symbols = high chances of hot or muggy weather

= chances of precipitation
 (0 - 4, higher number of cloudy symbols, higher chance of precipitation)

= the risk of tropical storms
(0 - 3, higher number of symbols, higher risk)
February 28 17 8 n/a  
March 28 17 7 n/a  
April 27 17 7 n/a  
May 26 16 7 n/a    
June 25 13 8 n/a    
July 25 13 8 n/a    
August 26 13 8 n/a    
September 28 14 8 n/a    
October 29 16 9 n/a    
November 30 17 8 n/a      
December 29 17 7 n/a    
The weather in Tanzania
The largest part of Tanzania has a tropical savannah climate or a tropical monsoon climate with one or several rainy periods. The higher regions in the southern part of the country have a China climate. Several centrally located regions have a steppe climate. In the coastal regions in the southeastern part of the country there is a small risk of a tropical storm or hurricane. Extreme differences in temperatures are uncommon. In general it is pleasantly warm during the day and cool but pleasant during the night.
Tanzania climate information

Popular destinations in Tanzania
The most popular destinations in Tanzania are: Arusha, Bukoba, Dar Es Salaam, Gombe Stream National Park, Karatu, Katavi National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Mafia Island, Mahale Mountains National Park, Marangu, Mikumi National Park, Moshi, Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, Mwanza, the Ngorongoro crater, Pemba Island, Ruaha National Park, Rubondo Island National Park, Saadani National Park, Selous National Park, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Udzungwa Mountains National Park, the Usambara Mountains and the island of Zanzibar with its capital Zanzibar town.

Trivia & strange facts
- Tap water is undrinkable
- It is illegal to import the Tanzanian shilling
- Bring a warm sweater. Nights may be cold.
- In comparison to other mountains of the same caliber Mount Kilimanjaro is fairly easy to climb.
- The old city center of Zanzibar Town, Stone Town is a Unesco preservation site
- The many National Parks are all unique and well worth visiting
- Zanzibar is one of the largest clove producers in the world.
- Ikoma tented camp in the Serengeti is one of the best places to spot the great migration
- If you prefer more luxury you can also see the great migration from a hot air balloon.
- Lake Victoria is situated in Tanzania. This is the biggest lake in Africa.
- Freddy Mercury was born on Zanizibar

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